Our Story

When it comes to getting good advice on investing your money ethically, choices are pretty limited. It’s typically been too expensive for most of us to consult a financial advisor so we’re left with few options.

The advent of online financial advice has opened up the market to some extent, but there’s still not a lot of choice out there regarding ethical funds. That’s where we come in.

Here at expertETHICAL we’ve got more than 30 years experience of helping our clients invest ethically. Through our website, we’ve taken that experience and made it available for anyone who wants to put their money in companies that share their values.

We understand that ethical funds are still quite diverse, so we’ve put together a comprehensive questionnaire so we can understand what’s important to you and advise you on an investment portfolio which reflects that.

Our Team

Alex Colville

Christian Thal-Jantzen

Angela Vaughan

Our Partners

Parmenion, our investment managers, are an award-winning investment and technology firm who’ll look after your funds on a day-to-day basis. They’ll spread your investments across a variety of assets that meet your ethical requests according to the level of risk you’ve selected. Once you’ve invested, they’ll make sure your portfolio stays in line with your ethical concerns and risk levels and will also keep an eye on its performance. Through the website you can track your portfolio and change your level of risk as you see fit. You’ll also be able to increase your investment or take your money out. Whilst everything can be done online, if you do want to speak to someone in person, you can always give us a call.

How we invest your money


We believe in being completely open about the fees involved in investing with us. So when we recommend a portfolio to you, there will be a full breakdown of all the charges.

It’s also important to highlight that investing ethically is not the cheapest option. There are ‘non-ethical’ solutions that offer a great alternative at a lower price. But whilst the fund managers in these options are usually simply tracking the performance of an index, with ethical funds the managers really have to earn their keep – by both picking the best performing companies to invest in, and also making sure that the ethical values of the fund are upheld. We are certain that the fund managers we recommend provide real value for your money.

As we’re currently the only company in the UK to offer online advice for ethical investments, it’s difficult for us to give a like for like comparison of our charges. But we hope the information here demonstrates that being ethical in your investments doesn’t mean you have to pay more.

1.16% ongoing investment charges including advice, administration and wealth management.

0.68% fund charges – please note this figure reflects the average fund charge our clients are paying (as at Sept 2015).


Ongoing charges figure including AMC for SF Positive Fund


1.44% Ongoing Charges Figure.

0.45% Vantage Account charge.

Based on charges for the Balanced Growth portfolio.

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Our fees in more detail

(1) Applies to initial and subsequent investments (2) Advice, administration and wealth management charges (3) These values may go up or down depending on the future value of your investment portfolio. (4) Please note, the exact investment management charges you pay will vary depending on the underlying investments in your portfolio. This figure reflects the average underlying fund charge our clients are currently paying (as at Sept 2015). Ongoing investment charges are based on the value of the portfolio at the time and applied monthly.