Complete Our Ethical Questionnaire

We’ll guide you through a series of questions online so we understand what’s important to you. Using this information, we can suggest the portfolio that most accurately reflects your ethical values.

Consider Your Risk and Circumstances

Alongside your attitude to risk, we’ll also ask how much you want to invest and for how long. This information will help us tailor a portfolio for you. Naturally, we have safeguards in place so you’ll never be asked to take more risk than you are comfortable with, or to invest in funds you don’t want to.

Review Your Portfolio Recommendation

Using information from the questionnaire, we’ll recommend the investment portfolio that matches your requests and concerns most accurately. You can take a look through all the details and see the diverse range of assets and funds within the portfolio before making your decision.

Invest Online

Once you’ve reviewed our recommendation, it’s quick and simple to invest online. You can amend your portfolio or change your risk level anytime you like through the website. If you’d like to speak to someone in person, we’re always available on the phone.

Let us Take Care of the Ongoing Management

Our investment managers will look after your portfolio on a day-to-day basis. They’ll make sure it stays in line with your ethical concerns and risk levels, as well as constantly monitoring its performance. You can access your account online at any time to see how your investment is doing.

Try it now – and see how quick and simple it is.