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Empowered Investments

We live in a world where ethical decisions are becoming a part of everyday life. Whether it’s organic food, energy-saving light bulbs or recycling, we’re used to making decisions and purchases that reflect our values. However, the situation with our investments has been far less clear – until now.

With ExpertEthical, you have the power to choose how your money is invested. Simply tell us what’s important to you, using our unique ethical questionnaire, and we’ll recommend the right portfolio for you.

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Responsible Returns

From a purely financial point of view, ethical investment makes good sense. The FTSE4Good index, which screens out ‘non-ethical’ sectors, has beaten the all-share index over the past five years, returning 48 per cent versus 43 per cent.

Whilst there can be no guarantee, there is a growing body of evidence to suggest that a more sustainable approach to investment management may improve your portfolio’s returns.

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Figures based on Parmenion Capital Partners LLP’s PIM Strategic Ethical Active (A), Risk Grade 5, 28/08/2015
Please note past performance is not an indicator of future performance, investment returns can go down as well as up. Underlying fund charges are included in performance however external charges from Parmenion or the Adviser are excluded.

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